Welcome to the West Sacramento Celebrate Recovery Website.

Celebrate Recovery is much more than a "twelve step program", it is more than some place to go if you have drug or alcohol addiction. Celebrate Recovery is someone to listen, someone to call on when you are going through the fire. 

Celebrate Recovery is a SAFE place that you can come and get something off of your chest and not be judged. We do not try to "fix" you, we know that the only God can do that. 

Celebrate Recovery meetings are similar to other "twelve step" programs with two major differences, we name God as our high power, and the steps have a biblical comparison.

To find out more about Celebrate Recovery, or our church go to the information page and follow some of the links. We meet every Wednesday night, at 6:30pm. to find out more click on the calendar link then and then a meeting, here you will  find a map to the church.

I hope to see you soon.